My decorating tips

Do you decorate? For special occasions or holiday or both?

You guys, I have been following a lot of groups for tips and inspiration lately. I have become so overwhelmed yet motivated. I am also really bad or good at comparison shopping. It drives my family nuts. If I end up settling on something, then it is because I have searched high and low. I mean, like I have been to then all the stores I could and even went online.

If you haven’t used Ebates https://go.ebat.es/imsk/TIG6ztZpnC then you need to. Can you believe that you can get cash back for shopping online ? For real!

But also let’s face it. Sometimes even with the coupons from Hobby Lobby and Micheal’s, things can still be a little pricey.

So take a look at my display.

Shelf- Hobby Lobby ($24.95)

The lambs ear garland - Target ($5)

Heart pieces (actually polish pottery) – prices vary https://m.facebook.com/groups/1718538011771871?ref=share

Love galvanized tub- Dollar Tree ($3)

Green bunch in the tub- Walmart (.97c)

Painted rocks - free from the parking lot and painted by yours truly with a friends daughter 😂❤️

Small white cake stands - Target ($1)

Rae Dunn Love mug – TJ Maxx or Marshall’s ($5.99)

It may not be Instagram worthy but I am pretty proud of it.

On to more decorating !

Let’s see yours ❤️

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